Helping you navigate today's complex legal environment.

Running a small business or nonprofit organization is hard enough without having to also become a legal expert.

Having an attorney as part of your advisory team to provide you with general legal advice in your affairs ("General Counsel") is essential to the well-being of you and your organization in navigating today's complex legal environment. Lawsuits can take a huge toll on one's life (e.g. emotional angst, money drain, loss of privacy, dampened reputation) and can leave you in limbo as they often drag on for a long time. Even one negative result can wipe out your organization and all the time and money you've invested. That's why big businesses often employ a full-time attorney to serve as their General Counsel (or even an entire team of attorneys).

Jost Legal, the law office of attorney Una Lee Jost, was formed in 2010 to provide small businesses and nonprofit organizations a cost-effective and convenient alternative to hiring a full-time General Counsel. As the daughter of immigrant small business owners, Ms. Jost knows you need easy access to quality legal counsel just as much as big businesses do.

Benefits of having Ms. Jost as your outside General Counsel include:

  • Peace of Mind: By practicing "preventive law" with Ms. Jost as your outside General Counsel, you'll have the benefit of a seasoned attorney with 13+ years of experience helping you prevent legal issues from arising and helping you resolve disputes before they create ill will or turn into litigation. You'll also have the benefit of a former litigator who understands your business and ethos ready to act as your legal manager in actively defending you and your organization should the need arise.
  • Cost-Effective Law Services: With the full range of outside General Counsel services available, Ms. Jost offers you the option of obtaining law services on-demand consistent with your level of need without the costs of hiring a full-time attorney on staff.
  • Convenient Access to Your Outside General Counsel: Ms. Jost embraces open-source software and other technological innovations to reinvent the practice of law and create better practices when providing legal services. Many of Ms. Jost's services can be provided to you by telephone or online via a secure client web portal. Of course Ms. Jost is available to meet you in-person as well, including on-site visits at your place of business.


Ms. Jost's practice is focused on serving the legal needs of small businesses and nonprofit organizations throughout the entire State of California.

Representative clients of Ms. Jost include:

  • LLCs, corporations, and other small business entities
  • nonprofit organizations (schools, churches, religious organizations, charities, etc.)
  • doctors, engineers, and other self-employed professionals
  • service businesses and consulting practices
  • home-based businesses
  • technology enterprises

To increase reasonable access to justice, Ms. Jost also offers her law services to individuals such as employees, homeowners, tenants, and others.


Ways Ms. Jost helps you practice "preventive law" include:

  • Startup Services: Receive legal counsel in forming your new small business or nonprofit and building a solid foundation. Includes assistance in obtaining 501(c) exemption if requested.
  • Legal consults: Receive legal advice in helping you navigate your daily affairs in today's complex legal environment.
  • Document reviews: Receive attorney comments on letters and other legal documents to assist you in understanding your rights and obligations.
  • Contract reviews: Receive attorney comments on proposed contracts to help you negotiate and ensure a level playing field and manage legal risks.
  • Document drafting: Receive expert help in drafting your own agreements and policies to streamline your process and manage legal risks.
  • Compliance reviews: Receive periodic compliance reviews of your operations to identify and minimize legal risks. Includes assistance in implementing recommendations if requested.
  • Dispute resolution: Receive legal assistance in finding strategies to resolve disputes.
  • Corporate maintenance: Receive legal assistance in preparing annual corporate minutes of key transactions and filing of the Officers' Statement with the Secretary of State to minimize personal liability.
  • Corporate dissolutions: Receive legal representation in dissolving your corporation to avoid being subject to further corporate and tax obligations.

Like a primary care doctor, Ms. Jost's role is to serve the majority of legal needs that commonly arise. However, there are certain situations when a specialist is needed -- particularly in large, complex, or specialized matters. In those situations, Ms. Jost's services include assisting you in finding and hiring the appropriate specialized legal counsel, and if requested, interfacing with the specialized legal counsel on your behalf.

Attorney Profile Una Lee Jost

Ms. Jost has encountered almost every type of legal matter that may arise in the life of a small business or nonprofit organization in her 13+ years of legal experience.

Ms. Jost has been a member of the State Bar of California since 2001. She is a graduate of Loyola Law School and holds a Certificate from the Northwestern University Summer Institute in Negotiation. She received her Bachelor's degree from UC Riverside where she majored in Biology (with Honors) and minored in Ethnic Studies.

Ms. Jost started Jost Legal in 2010. Prior to that she was in-house legal counsel for Azusa Pacific University as well as a civil litigator in downtown Los Angeles law firms. While in law school, she externed at the Los Angeles Center for Law and Justice, the California Attorney General's Office, and Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office.

Ms. Jost has served as an officer and board member of Christian Legal Aid of Los Angeles (CLA-LA) and Taiwanese American Lawyers Association. She is also a member of the California Association of Nonprofits (CalNonprofits), National Association of College and University Attorneys (NACUA), and former member of Legal Voices for Los Angeles Lawyers Philharmonic.


Because each client's situation is unique, Ms. Jost needs to learn about your specific legal needs to determine how she may be able to serve your legal needs and advise you of what the approximate fees may be. (In a mechanic's world, this means Ms. Jost needs to "lift the hood" a bit to see what's going on.) Depending on your situation, Ms. Jost offers her services on an hourly or flat-fee basis. Many factors go into determining appropriate pricing for a service, including the type of client, type of matter, complexity of the matter, and type of service requested. Knowing your need to have predictable costs, Ms. Jost strives to offer legal services on a flat-fee basis whenever possible.

Ms. Jost's philosophy is to treat clients the way she would want to be treated; this carries over into her pricing. Ms. Jost works with you to arrive at a pricing that makes sense to both of us. Ms. Jost tells you up-front in a written retainer agreement what services she will provide and how she will bill for those services. You are welcome to let Ms. Jost know if you have any questions about any invoice or if you feel any charges are excessive. Ms. Jost does her best to always bill fairly and reasonably to earn your continued relationship.


Please contact Ms. Jost for any questions regarding this website or her services. Ms. Jost is happy to schedule an initial consultation to learn about your legal needs, determine how she may be able to serve your legal needs, and advise you of what the approximate fees may be.

The quickest way to reach Ms. Jost is to email her at: Of course you may always call her as well at: (626) 344-8021.

Una Lee Jost
Jost Legal
530 S. Lake Ave. #274, Pasadena, CA 91101
Tel: (626) 344-8021

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